Mellex Energy manage and install specialist equipment utilised by Energy companies around the world.


Our solutions are targeted to minimise the cost, lead time and complexity to deliver greater value to your company’s bottom line.

We assist in all stages of design, development and supply chain process; from planning & procurement of assets and equipment, through installation and commissioning to decommissioning and repurposing of valuable assets.


Based in the UK with a global reach.


Our sectors include

  • Subsea

  • Offshore Energy

  • Onshore Energy

  • Resources and Infrastructure



We fundamentally change how to procure and manage equipment and assets to generate value and deliver benefits.


Procurement & Sourcing Support

Mellex Energy offer procurement support for specialist equipment, materials, or infrastructure. We offer solutions that significantly reduce lead times and capital expenditure. We support operations regardless oflocation or logistical challenges.   

Project and Campaign Equipment Support

Mellex Energy provide support executing campaigns, tenders, field developments, or other specific work programs. 

Decommissioning & Closure Solutions

Mellex Energy support and provide solutions for decommissioning activities. Our solutions generate more cost effective and sustainable outcomes for end of asset life projects.  

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